New lockdown measures governed by a three-tier system of Covid alert levels have been introduced in England.
The “medium” alert level is also known as Tier 1, “high” isTier 2, and “very high” is Tier 3.
The restrictions have been brought in to “simplify” local coronavirus restrictions, with Tier 3 consisting of the Liverpool City Region and Lancashire, while areas like London, Essex and the West Midlands make up Tier 2.
Here, ITV News looks at what the new rules mean for those with plans to travel within the UK.
You should not travel to a Tier 3 area – even if it’s to visit your nan. Credit: PA
I live in a Tier 1 area and my grandma lives in Tier 3 – can I still go and visit her?
The government advises that you should avoid travelling to any region subject to Tier 3 restrictions.
I live in a Tier 1 area – can I still commute into Tier 3?
Yes, you can continue to travel into “very high” alert level areas for work purposes.
However, the government says you should “aim to reduce the number of journeys you make” and aim to avoid busy times and routes on public transport.
Can I commute to London (Tier 2) for university?
Whether you live in Tier 1 or Tier 3, you can commute to a Tier 2 area for university.
When in Tier 2, however, you should not meet people in their home or student halls if they’re not in your household/support bubble.
I live in London – can I still go out for dinner in a different borough?
Every borough in London is in the same tier, Tier 2. This means you can travel to a restaurant, but only with those in your household or support bubble.
Rules on visiting restaurants differ between tiers. Credit: PA
The government advises that, where possible, you reduce the number of journeys you make and avoid busy routes and times on public transport.
I live in Tier 3 and have plans to visit my parents in a Tier 1 area. Can we still do this?
The government says you should avoid travelling into or out of a Tier 3 area.
Can I stay in a hotel within my area?
If you’re in a Tier 2 or Tier 3 area, you can stay in a hotel, but only with people in your household/support bubble.
If you live in Tier 1, you can stay in a hotel with anyone, but the ‘rule of six’ applies.
Hotels in Northern Ireland are operating on a “restricted basis”.
Where will be moved up a tier on Saturday?
They will mostly have to close from Friday night with exemptions for bookings from essential workers, vulnerable people, and those unable to return to their homes.
I live in England but I have a holiday booked in Wales. Can I still go?
That depends on where in England you live. From 6pm on Friday, people will not be allowed to visit Wales from areas in England in Tier 2 and 3, the central belt of Scotland, and the whole of Northern Ireland.
Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford said police could use number plate technology to catch people from UK coronavirus hotspots who illegally enter Wales. 
A matrix sign on the M4 motorway near Cardiff, reminds motorists of Welsh coronavirus rules. Credit: PA
Can I travel from Wales to England?
If you live in a part of Wales that is not under local lockdown, the government says you still should not travel to areas of the UK with high levels of Covid-19.
This includes areas in England, in Tier 2 and 3, the central belt of Scotland, and anywhere in Northern Ireland.
Exceptions to this rule include journeys related to work, care and education.
Can I travel into or out of Northern Ireland?
Tighter restrictions in Northern Irelandcome into force on Friday as part of a four-week ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown.
The government announced advice against any “unnecessary” travel. It has not detailed what constitutes necessary or unnecessary travel.
Can I travel into or out of Scotland?
On Wednesday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon advised Scots against travelling to high-risk areas of England.
She singled out Blackpool as associated with a large and growing number of Covid cases in Scotland.
She also asked residents to avoid unnecessary travel in general, and if they must travel, to do so safely.
Covid tiers: What are the differences between each alert level?

  • Medium (Tier 1) – Rule of six applies indoors and outdoors. Pubs and restaurants close at 10pm.
  • High (Tier 2) – Households must not mix indoors in any setting including pubs and restaurants. Rule of six applies outdoors
  • Very high (Tier 3) – Households must not mix indoors, or in private gardens. Rule of six applies in outdoor spaces including parks. Pubs and bars which don’t serve meals will be closed