Consulting is one of the most competitive fields to break into, but one way to get your foot in the door and guarantee a spot after business school is through a summer internship. 
According to a 2017 LinkedIn report, the management consulting industry is among the top two fields that turn internships into full-time positions, as firms have a conversion rate of about 38%, Business Insider reported.
In the past year, top-tier firms have been increasing their hourly rates for both MBA interns and offer tuition reimbursements if they get hired for a full-time position, according to 2019 and 2020 salary reports from Management Consulted, a careers resource company that helps graduates land consulting jobs. Accenture Strategy, for example, added a $50,000 tuition reimbursement after taxes to their compensation package this year.
“They’re looking to fill their pipeline of future leaders, but there’s a limited number of top talent — that’s what makes it tough,” said Namaan Mian, director of operations at Management Consulted. “That’s why we’re seeing salaries rise. That’s why we’re seeing the recruiting timelines move up earlier and earlier.”
Business Insider has compiled a list of the consulting firms that offer the highest internship salaries for MBA students. The compensation listed below is what you would earn in a 10-week internship, calculated based on the hourly rates provided. Click here for the full salaries report by Management Consulted. 
Here are the eight highest-paying firms for MBA interns, ranked lowest to highest.