Dragon Balls are introduced quite early on in the main story of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, however, players are not able to actually find or use them until the Second Intermission that follows the Frieza Saga. In fact, the dragon balls will become locked once again during the beginning of the Android Saga, so definitely keep that in mind.
Before we delve any deeper, it is worth noting that there are seven Dragon Balls in total, all of which can be found randomly hidden around the open world.
Fortunately for players though, Dragon Balls are relatively easy to find when you know where to look.
Although the location of dragon balls is random in nature, players are able to find a rough location by opening the World Map and searching for the Dragon Ball icon. Once players have found the icon on the map, make your way to the location and use your Ki sense to further narrow down the ball. Players will also know if they are nearing a ball when they hear a slight humming noise.
If you do happen to be struggling to find the dragon ball icons, be sure to have a nice zoomed in look around the map as they can often be hidden behind the likes of mineral deposits, hunting grounds, and base icons.
Once you have successfully found all seven Dragon Ball’s, it is now time to use them to summon Shenron.