There are claims that since 1985 or 1990 there has been 3.4 millimeters per year of global sea-level rise. This is based up satellite altimetry. This is five inches of sea-level rise since 1985.
There are tidal gauges along all of North America and Europe.
I do not understand how the global satellite says the average rise is 3.4 millimeters per year but the vast majority of coastal gauges show 0 to 3.0 millimeters per year of rise. It looks like the average of all of the coastal sea-level rises from 1978 to today is more like 1.4-2.0 millimeters per year.
New York has a site which indicates that they have experienced 9 inches of sea-level rise since 1950. The NOAA indicates that New York and much of the east coast has had about 4.4 millimeters per year of sea-level rise since 1978. This would be 7 inches since 1978. The new york sea-level state site talks about a 3-inch rise since 1978. There was a 5-inch fluctuation between 1976 and 1983.
There are four causes of sea-level rise in New York, the slowing of the gulf stream and land sinkage are the largest contributors. Because the Gulf Stream has slowed down, it leaves more water on the East Coast. This, combined with sinking land, makes New York particularly vulnerable to an increased rate of sea-level rise in the future.
Canada and Alaska are seeing either very slow sea-level rise at less than half the rate of the US East coast or even declining sea-levels.
If there are big sea-level rise impacts then they will hit the US East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico first. California and West Coast effects would lag by 40-100 years.
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