So youre one of the millions of gamers enjoying the Nintendo Switch. The hybrid console and its steadily-growing library of excellent games are perfect on the go, and youll probably want to grab some accessories to go along with itespecially if you just got the better, longer-lasting Switch. Whether its a case, controller, or stand, youll find that just the right addition can make your Switch setup more complete.There are plenty of excellent add-ons that enhance and supplement the Switch experience. Here are some of the best accessories you can get right now to elevate your Switch game. (Just note that these some of accessories will only work with the Switch, So if you’re looking for best Nintendo Switch Lite accessories, we’ve picked those out separately)TL;DR These are the Best Nintendo Switch Accessories:
1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Best Switch Controller
The Switch Pro Controller is a fantastic traditional controller – any gamer that plays a lot of docked Switch games on their TV should strongly consider picking one up. Like the pack-in Joy-Con controller, it includes an NFC chip to use with Nintendos Amiibo as well as a share button, so there’s no lost functionality. Its expensive for a controller, but it’s an excellent pick for anyone looking for a reliable second controller.2. amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protector
If you protect your smartphone screen, think about doing the same for your Nintendo Switch. The amFilm tempered glass screen protector offers 99.9 percent screen transparency, so there should be no interference to your view while you dive into the latest Zelda quest. It’s cheap and effective.3. Orzly Carry Case
Best Nintendo Switch Case
If youre going to be taking your Switch on the go (and who isn’t?) then you probably want a good case to keep it protected. The Orzly Carry Case is a water-resistant hard shell that’ll protect your Nintendo console from the elements and yourself should you accidentally drop it. It also has an abundance of storage space for an extra pair of joy-cons or two, battery packs, cables, and anything else you might need on the go.4. Samsung Evo Select 256GB
Best Nintendo Switch Memory Card
The Switch’s internal 32GB of storage fills up pretty quick even after just downloading a few games. If you want to store any more downloadable titles onto your Nintendo console, you’re going to need a Samsung Evo Select 256GB.This tiny Micro SD card essentially octuples the Switch’s storage capacity to hold way more games. With 100MB/s read and 90MB/s write speeds, it’s also plenty quick so you shouldn’t see many long load times.
5. Satisfye SwitchGrip
Best Nintendo Switch Grips
The Nintendo Switch’s almost entirely flat form-factor can be a pain to hold and the small size of the Joy-Cons also isn’t fun to hold for users with large hands. If you’ve ever felt your hands cramping up after playing with the Switch in handheld mode, the Satisfye SwitchGrip (read our review) could be just what you need.The Satisfye SwitchGrip is all about giving your hands some a pair of ergonomic grips to hold onto. This way your fingers and thumb can properly wrap around rather than dig at the bottom of the Joy-Cons. The handles are also diagonally arranged so your wrists can sit at a more natural angle. Lastly, the Satisfye SwitchGrip adds an extra plastic frame that allows the console to stand up as it’s designed to work like a natural kickstand.
6. ZeroLemon Extended Charging Case
Best Nintendo Switch Battery Case
One of the core benefits of the Nintendo Switch is that its a portable system, but it’s not exactly the longest last handheld. Even with the new Switch, you can only expect a maximum playtime between 4.5 and 9 hoursthat’s not nearly long enough to even suck up 10 ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion 3.Luckily, the ZeroLemon Extended Charging Case offers 10,000mAh of additional charging power, to double your on-the-go playtime. This Nintendo Switch battery case adds a little bit of bulk to the back of the Switch, but it’s a worthwhile sacrifice if it means you get to play twice as long while you travel. Also, this case adds in an extra sturdy kickstand.
7. Nintendo Switch Official Dock
Best Nintendo Switch Dock
It turns out, some third-party docks are bricking consoles. That’s extremely bad. But the first-party dock works flawlessly and includes a USB-C wall adapter, HDMI cable, and of course, the dock itself. The downside? It comes in and out of stock, but Nintendo, like life, will find a way.8. Hori Nintendo Switch Multiport USB Playstand
Best Nintendo Switch Portable Dock
As much as I love Nintendo’s official Switch dock, it’s not very portable and has fewer ports than I would like. Thankfully, Hori Nintendo Switch Multiport USB Playstand is a much better on-the-go solution. When deployed, this Nintendo Switch dock gives you access to four USB ports for connecting multiple controllers, fight sticks, and even a keyboard. Don’t worry about this third-party dock potentially burning out your Switch, this product is officially licensed by Nintendo.9. Nintendo Joy-Con Wheel
Best Nintendo Switch Steering Wheel
Its nowhere near the control you get with a full-blown racing wheel, but the Joy-Con Wheel gives you a more hands-on approach to Mario Kart and other racing games, which is wonderful if your Switch is often being played by younger gamers. This set includes two wheels, so you can get right to the track with a friend or family member.10. Hori Compact Playstand
Best Nintendo Switch Stand
This is another Switch accessory that won’t be useful for many gamers, but very effectively solves a very specific problem. Dont prop up your Nintendo Switch against a vase or another unsuitable piece of furniture. This stand will put your Switch at just the right angle for long hours of undocked gameplay. It has lots of rubber pads, prongs, and other anti-slip features to ensure its held in place well.11. Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand
Best Nintendo Switch Charging Stand
Nintendo’s official charging stand is a tiny little slice of adjustable heaven. It’s sturdier than the built-in kickstand by an enormous margin, it’s small enough to fit into just about any Nintendo Switch carrying case, and it’s the official charging stand of the Nintendo Switch. It only charges; there’s no HDMI output, but it’s excellent if you’re on the go and want to keep the juice flowing.12. HyperX ChargePlay Quad
Best Joy-Con Charger
The way Nintendo designed the Joy-Cons to charge when connected to the Switch was ingenious, however, if you’re hosting a big Mario Party or Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament, suddenly this becomes a huge headache. These scenarios are exactly what calls for a dedicated Joy-Con charger like the HyperX ChargePlay Quad. Rather than just being able to juice up only two Joy-Cons with your Nintendo Switch, you can charge up to four simultaneously.