If theres one thing we know about Sonic the Hedgehog aside from this predilections for going fast and eating chili dogs its that he doesnt like to take his shoes off. Or rather, Sega doesnt like it when he takes his shoes off, which is why we never see Sonics feet in video games. They are always contained within bright red shoes, and thats canon.
But thanks to the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie and plush toy maker Build-A-Bear Workshop, we now have a way to experience the blue blur barefoot. Build-A-Bear is selling a Sonic the Hedgehog (movie version) stuffed animal with the shoes off for $29.99, which honestly makes him look extremely naked. But if you want a canon, fully accessorized Sonic plush, you can buy him as a Build-A-Bears collectors gift set, which comes with red sneakers and a gold ring wristie. That set will cost you $46.
If you so desire, you can also give your Sonic the Hedgehog plush a built-in sound effect, such as a personalized voice message, five pre-recorded Sonic the Hedgehog catchphrases, a dinosaur roar (on sale for Presidents Day), or I Got You Babe performed by Sonny and Cher. You also have the option of making your Sonic the Hedgehog plush smell like Thin Mints Girl Scouts Cookies, among other delectable scents.
Really, though, the takeaway here is that Sonic the Hedgehog has blue feet and red paw pads, according to Build-A-Bears non-canonical take on Segas mascot. And if you prefer a plush Sonic the Hedgehog with the footwear permanently attached to maintain this illusion of always-on sneakers, youll have to search for one of Build-A-Bears older Sonic stuffed animals on the secondhand market.