A group of TikTok stars is imitating the collaborative efforts made possible by groups such as Hype House and Team 10 by creating their own kind of creator get-together.
Ten creators recently rented a house in Arizona together with the intent of making as much content as possible. By living under one roof for a few days, the theory goes, they can bounce ideas of each other and create a flurry of cross-channel content they wouldn’t be able to create on their own. The idea had already become successful for groups of YouTube and Instagram influencers in houses like Hype House and Vlog Squad, and the organizers said they saw opportunity in something similar for TikTok creators. 
The event was called Creatortopia, and was organized by the Skorys, a group of four siblings on TikTok and YouTube known for comedy sketches and family-friendly content. Cole Skory, 21, told Business Insider that his siblings hand-picked a group of TikTok stars whom they’d worked with in the past and knew would all get along.
“Me and my siblings had a vision for this really cool event, a dream event we would love to get invited to,” Cole Skory said. “But we didn’t see it in the market, so we decided to create it for ourselves.”
Take a look inside 14-person house the creators rented out and the scenes behind the content that was created from the event and published on TikTok: