Of course, we should remember that Hookers for Jesus was just one of two groups mentioned by the whistle-blower. What about the other one?
This really has been a crazy week for the Department of Justice, hasnt it?
The Takeaway: At least some people were asking the right questions.
What Happened: Its been nine years since we discovered that we gotta get down on Friday, and thats apparently enough time for peopleincluding the woman who sang the track in questionto really think about what happened in that fever dream of an era.
What Really Happened: Hey, remember Rebecca Black? The teen songstress behind viral hit and irritating earworm Friday? Sure you do. Last week was the ninth anniversary of the songs releasethey grow up so fast!which left the now-twentysomething Black in a bit of a reflective mood.
For whatever reason (psst, its that Black has turned out to be attractive now that shes an adult; dont tell anyone that the mass internet mind is really quite that shallow), the post wentviral, gettingsharedaroundmainstreammedia as well as social media, and allowing fans and haters alike to reflect on their past behavior just a little.
Lets not get things too out of perspective, though.
Such a cynical view does distract from Blacks point, admittedlyalthough we cant help but feel that Black relaunching her music career skews things as well, somehow, as this cant help but raise her profilebut lets think about this Rebecca Black reappraisal thats happening as a result of this moment of nostalgia!
If nothing else, let us recognize Blacks seeming return to pop culture icon status in such a short amount of time for the feat that it is.
The Takeaway: Heres the thing, though; Friday, the song, is only nine years old. Why is everyone acting as if thats a long time?
What Happened: Crowdsourcing a movie title turns out to be far more fun than you might expect when theres a cutlery theme to embrace.