Pokémon fans have spent the week transferring their collections into Pokémon Home, the cloud-based storage app that makes shifting compendiums between games easier. Through this process, some users have found that some rare monsters looks have been updated.
The most obvious upgrade was the first to be noticed by players. Shiny Pokémon rare variants of the basic creatures have sprites in Pokémon Home that actually show theyre Shiny now. You can see it at a glance now, without having to tap the critter and read its description.
Image: The Pokémon Company
But, some Shiny models themselves have actually changed as well. Castform, a monster that can morph into various forms depending on the weather, now has Shiny colors to match each of its variants, for example.
Castform isnt the only one.
Actually, Miniors Shiny can come in a few different color ways, players have found.
Theres more!
Magearna, notably, just didnt have a Shiny version before. Beyond being a nice touch for players, this tweak also has implications for the Pokémon anime.
While these Shiny changes may not apply to everyone, Home users also note that normal creatures have received slight color tweaks, or character updates. In short, its nice to just look at your collection now thanks to all the crisp 3D models.