Alphabet Inc. plans to expand the company’s footprint in Canada, with the potential to more than triple their workforce in the coming years, Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat announced in Toronto on Thursday.
Porat said the company is expanding in Canada by building new offices in Toronto, Montreal and Waterloo. According to the Google press release, by 2022 the company will have space to “accommodate up to 5,000 employees.”
Currently, the company has around 1,500 employees in Canada. It was not clear from Porats remarks how quickly Google actually plans to hire, or what factors will dictate whether they add jobs to fill those new offices.
The visit to Canada comes at a pivotal time for Big Tech in Canada.
Earlier this week, Google reported total revenue of US$134.8 billion from advertising, with the overwhelming majority of that money coming from ads on Google Search and YouTube.
The company does not disclose revenue numbers for Canada specifically, but that could come under close scrutiny soon, because during the 2019 election campaign, the Liberal party promised to get tougher on Big Tech and tax foreign companies on revenues derived from the Canadian market.
Moreover, the federal government published a digital charter in 2019, which lays out a roadmap for reforms to Canadas data and privacy laws this year that could affect Google. 
The digital charter includes language about transparency, control and consent to give citizens more power to dictate how their private data is used.
The government is also looking at strengthening the powers of enforcement agencies when it comes to investigating data and privacy issues.
The company also released an economic impact report conducted by Public First, a third-party consulting firm. According to the report, Google is responsible for $16-$23 billion in economic activity for over 500,000 businesses in Canada.
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