It was just a couple of days ago that Microsoft publicly introduced its super-handy combined Office app to the Google Play Store. The app packs Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF tools, and a variety of features into a single app instead of forcing you to download a separate one for each utility.
At the time, we wondered why the app wasnt on iOS, but now it seems the Play Store may have simply jumped the gun just two days later, the app is now available on iOS and Microsoft has officially announced the apps public availability.
Microsoft first announced the unified Office app in November, when it opened a limited preview for Office insiders. Since then the app has gained support for templates in Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Team Apple also gets the bonus of dark mode support, which is not yet available on Android.
As a recap, the app encompasses Microsofts three biggest office apps, but also includes a variety of features, including:

  • Quickly jotting down notes (which can sync with the Windows 10 Sticky Notes app)
  • Scanning text from images, including spreadsheets
  • Reading and signing PDFs
  • Scanning images using your phone camera
  • Transferring files to your computer and nearby devices

Today, Microsoft also teased a few new features it will introduce in the spring:

  • Word dictation and voice commands for formatting and punctuation
  • Youll be able to view and edit data in a new Cards View that presents data in an easily digestible manner without extending beyond your screen
  • Powerpoint will be able to automatically create presentations from simple written outlines

Excel Cards View in action
The app is free to download and is available in 68 languages on Android and 37 on iOS. You can find it on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
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