Like almost everyone who has encounted Spot, his first thought was “can I ride it?” Unfortunately not, given the amount of weight the machine can handle — so for Savage, combining its capabilities with his apparent love for rickshaws was the obvious second choice. Obviously. And getting Spot geared up for the task appears to be relatively straightforward — Savage just mounted a tow hitch to its cargo rails.
The end result is a creepy, Steampunk-esque vision of personal transit — but it’s certainly efficient. Does a Spot-powered rickshaw have a place in real life? That’s not beyond the realms of possibility given the gradual advent of autonomous transport pods and such like — plus, Boston Dynamics has recently made Spot’s SDK available to anyone who wants it.
However, Boston Dynamics has been vague about Spot’s pricing, advising would-be buyers to get in touch for a quote, but that early adopter program leasing will be less than the price of a car. If you’re looking for a convenient way to get around, then, you might just be better off getting… a car.