As much as we love Netflix around these parts, we can’t say we’re too keen on the service’s implementation of auto-play videos – whether it’s trailers that automatically play while browsing or the way that a new episode will start as soon as the previous one is over, it’s incredibly annoying.
Thankfully, Netflix is now allowing users to disable autoplay videos entirely, so you won’t be forced to watch the disturbing trailer for that stupid Don’t F**k With Cats series ever again. Seriously Netflix, what the f**k was that about?
To give credit where credit is due, Netflix has now made it incredibly easy for its users to switch off auto-play videos on their individual profiles.
To switch off autoplay while browsing or for next episodes in a series, you must first log into Netflix via a web browser, then from the drop-down menu in the top right corner, select ‘Manage profiles’. 
Once you’ve clicked on the profile you want to adjust, you will now be presented with a new ‘Auto-play controls’ section below the service’s language and content settings.
(Image credit: TechRadar)
Here, you can tick or untick separate boxes for ‘Auto-play next episode in a series on all devices’ and ‘Auto-play previews while browsing on all devices.’
Once you’ve hit ‘Save’, the new settings should go into effect immediately, whether you’re streaming Netflix from a smartphone or watching the service on your living room television.