The operation against Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Leader Bahaa Abu Al-Ata was approved by the IDF chief-of-Staff, Shin Bet, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the security cabinet.

Several Israelis have been injured, including an eight-year-old girl who collapsed while running for shelter in Holon. She was evacuated to Wolfson hospital in serious condition.The following is a list of red alerts and rocket interceptions in real time: (All times IST) Wednesday: 11:35 Yated, Sdeh Avraham, Holit, Kerem Shalom, […]

50 years of education for a better world

The classic view of an architect is someone who plans and designs houses, factories, office buildings, and other structures. But is it as simple as that? First of all, what exactly does the discipline of ‘architecture’ mean? It depends who you are talking to: “Architecture is a language: new designs […]

Reports of a novel virus spreading to countries in East and Southeast Asia have put local authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) on alert.

Global health policymakers have announced that they are investigating the emergence of a new virus one very similar to the dangerous severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus in Thailand and Japan, hinting at worries that it could spread farther. SARS is part of the coronavirus family, which encompasses a range […]