If you bought Warcraft 3: Reforged and dont like it and many dont Blizzard now says it will refund your money, no questions asked.
The publisher made it official last night. Earlier this week, players in theWarcraft subreddit said they were able to get refunds on request, but the company had not made any formal announcement or offer.
Blizzard stands by the quality of our products and our services, the company said in a statement posted to Battle.net last night. Normally we set limits for refund availability on a game, based on time since purchase and whether it has been used. However, we want to give players the option of a refund if they feel that Warcraft 3: Reforged does not provide the experience they wanted.
Blizzard added that players may ask for their money back through Blizzards support site for the time being.
Warcraft 3: Reforged is a remaster of the 2002 real-time strategy game Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. Players say Blizzard did not live up to marketing promises made since its announcement at BlizzCon 2018. This includes reworking the campaign mode to align its story with current Warcraft lore and improving and expanding its cinematic sequences. The remake also fundamentally changes how the legacy game works, complicating things for dedicated fans.
Critical and consumer response to Warcraft 3: Reforged has been overwhelmingly negative since its Jan. 28 launch. On Monday, Blizzard promised that a forthcoming patch would deliver features such as leaderboards and clans. But as for remaking the games story, we did not want the in-game cutscenes to steer too far from the original game, a Blizzard community manager said. We want to preserve the true spirit of Warcraft 3 and allow players to relive these unforgettable moments as they were.