For years, the reputation in Silicon Valley was that business casual clothing was a thing of the past, and jeans and t-shirts are the norm. 
But as tech CEOs grow up, perhaps the tech industry’s sense of style has, too. Jeff Bezos, for instance, underwent a style revamp three years ago, and even Mark Zuckerberg has ditched his gray t-shirts — these days, you’re just as likely to see him in a suit and tie as jeans. 
That’s being reflected in Silicon Valley as a whole. Over the past five years or so, Bay Area workers have become more aware of how they want to present themselves, according to Kimberly Gant, who’s been a stylist in the Bay Area for seven years. 
Gant owns a personal styling business called Canvas Styling, and said many of her clients work in tech. But Gant has also worked with tech workers at all levels, from those just starting out in Silicon Valley to VCs and upper management at tech companies.
Below are the biggest issues she sees among people who come to her for guidance, and her advice for stepping it up.