Jose Mourinho has revealed the story behind his striking new haircut.
The Tottenham manager shocked fans this week by revealing his completely shaved head and admitted it was as a result of drifting off while at the barbers in London.
Jose Mourinho even posed for a picture at the barbers
Mourinho told Sky Sports: Sometimes I like to [cut it short] sometimes I like to feel the cold weather, I like to change it a little bit. But this time was not the case.
I fell asleep [in the barbers chair] and when I woke up it was so bad that I said to him bring the one. Hopefully, it will grow back.
The Spurs boss is not the only one who has fallen victim to a mishap at the barbers.
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talkSPORTs Ally McCoist came out with a skinhead look on a recent trip.
Its one of the most Scottish things to happen ever, as it turns out the language barrier was to blame!
Barely holding back the laughter, a crestfallen McCoist said on the Sports Breakfast: Oh man, Ive had a disaster!
I went into my normal barbers, a wee Turkish boy in Renfrew, and I looked him and thought, theres something different about him today.
The story behind Ally McCoist’s new haircut is brilliant and the most Scottish thing to happen ever!
I thought it was the same guy, but I can now inform you it wasnt the same guy it was his brother.
So, I sat down in the chair, he looks at me and I say, ach normal one, because I go in all the time!
He looks at me and says, all over?’
Yeah, I said and Al, Im not kidding you, he got that big razor thing and drew a big tramline! He started right up the middle of my head!
He mustve looked at me and my jaw has clearly hit the barbers floor.
He went, number one?
And I said, NORMAL one ya stupid-looking
Anyway, it was a disaster!
I mean 15 years ago, frankly, I wouldnt have bothered my bunnet, but it might not be back, thats my point!
If youd seen my face when he drew that big tramline right up the middle of my nappa!