Ray Parlour has revealed another chapter in the violent history of the old tunnel at Highbury, and the sneaky code word Arsenal players used to signal they were ready for a fight.
The Gunners old stadium had a notoriously compact tunnel, which often became a cauldron as tensions flared between the home and away sides.
Everyone remembers the famous bust-up between Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane but that was just one of violent episodes that broke out at the historic north London ground.
Gordon Strachan of Coventry City and Arsenal centre-back Tony Adams square up
And Parlour has remembered another incident against Coventry City that was so bad, the police had to intervene… and even caught Martin Keown in the act!
The coppers on duty even interrupted manager George Grahams half-time team talk to jot down statements from the stars involved in the almighty scrap.
Heres the Romford Pele with the full story:
We played Coventry once at Highbury and we had a little code ‘kettles boiling’ which meant it all might kick off in the tunnel, he told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast.
Remember, at Highbury it was such a tight little tunnel so you always had a couple of police down there.
We used to say the kettles on and the means theres going to be a punch up, and I remember a proper scrap in this game.
Gary McAllister was playing for Coventry and Liam Daish at the back it was proper! Fists flying everywhere.
From the cameras outside you could see it all kicking off in the tunnel and police were trying to stop it.
Martin Keown reckons he had his fist clenched and was going to throw a punch but a policeman was looking at him, and he said he didnt know what to do, whether to just carry on or pull out.
And believe it or not, at half-time we had all the police in our dressing room. The gaffer George Graham was trying to do a team talk, but the police were going round trying to question people and get statements from us.
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It was a proper fight, and then we still had the second-half to play, and you can image the tackles that were flying in.
To be fair we all had a drink after!
We all apologised to each other at the end of the game and everyone went into the players lounge and had a beer!
Those were the days, eh?
Watch a clip of Ray Parlour’s Highbury tunnel fight story above!