Kevin Nolan and Sam Allardyce have lifted the lid on what sounds like a quite epic training ground fight at Bolton that even spilled into Big Sams office!
With cash-strapped Bolton currently struggling in League One, its difficult to believe  the Lancashire club were Premier League regulars less than a decade ago – and even competed in Europe.
Big Sam was the man in charge during the Trotters glory days, and his side were renowned for being a tough nut to crack and for their no-nonsense play.
Sam Allardyce built the foundations for Bolton to enjoy 11 seasons in the Premier League from 2001 to 2012, including two campaigns playing in the UEFA Cup
Its natural for that fierceness to boil over once in a while – that happens in most sporting teams… but it doesn’t often go as nuclear as this!
Nolan joined talkSPORT this week, shortly before the announcement of his return to West Ham as a coach.
And after Jamie OHara told us his brilliant story about when Robbie Keane lamped one on Edgar Davids at Tottenham, we asked Kev if hed witnessed any similar scenes during his career.
And its fair to say we were not expecting this…
Nolan explained: One of the worst Ive ever seen was as a young lad at Bolton, between Bulent Akin and Bernard Mendy. It went off.
We were doing 11 vs 11 and Akin chopped down Mendy; he was fast as anything so Akin just took him out, the old Scholes tackle.
So Mendy has jumped up and theyve got toe-to-toe. Normally its just handbags, but this wasnt, it was full fisties!
French winger Bernard Mendy spent a year at Bolton on loan from Paris Saint-Germain… and certainly made an impression!
The gaffer has said, right, the games finished, and as were walking off theyre still going at it. So Ive grabbed hold of one and some of the older pros got hold of the other and the gaffer says to Bernard Mendy, go and sit in my office, because they were both seeing red.
Anyway, while Bernard is sitting in the chair in the gaffers office, Bulent Akin has bounced in, bang, hes smashed the door open, whomp, and flying-kicked him!
So its now all going off in the gaffers office and in the end we just had to let them go at it in the changing rooms, they had a few digs at each other.
And because we used to have those portacabins which had that plastic flooring, as they were trying to run at each other they kept slipping over!.
It was comedy gold. It was carnage.
Kevin Nolans story about insane training ground fight at Bolton – ‘He’s burst in and flying-kicked him!’
Someone being flying-kicked in your office isn’t the kind of thing youd forget in a hurry.
And it just so happens that Allardyce was in the talkSPORT studio the following day to tell us more…
Oh, aye, I remember it well, the former Bolton boss added.
I didnt see what happened in the dressing room, I just saw what happened on the training ground itself. They were scuffling away.
I do remember sitting in my office and him bursting through the door with a kung-fu kick; he got him straight in the chest and then ran out!
They ended up in the dressing room battling away for a while, they just kept going.
It was probably the worst fight Ive ever seen!
Listen to the full story from Kevin Nolan and Sam Allardyce above!