A federal judge in New York ruled on March 31 that Activision’s use of Humvees in several Call of Duty games, without the permission of maker AM General, was fair and did not violate U.S. trademark law.

Activisions Call of Duty franchise may use and show Humvees without paying a license to the military vehicles maker, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday. AM General, which developed the Humvee in 1983 and has manufactured it since, sued Activision Blizzard in 2017, saying that the Humvees unauthorized appearance in […]

A lot of 3M’s mask manufacturing capacity is outside the United States.

368 with 197 posters participating Minnesota manufacturing giant 3M warned Friday that a Trump administration order reserving US-made N95 masks for the US market could backfire. Demand for these masks, also known as respirators, has surged in recent weeks because they help protect health care workers from contracting COVID-19. “Ceasing […]

Zoom is having a moment during the pandemic. People are using it to stay connected with friends and family, but at the same time, researchers are scrutinizing the videoconferencing app more than ever. Its selling points are both its best assets and biggest ri…

Its selling points also introduce privacy and security risks Seemingly everyone knows about Zoom now: parents, co-workers, friends, grandparents, and neighbors. The videoconferencing software company that went public last year is having a moment during the pandemic. People have flocked to the service to keep up with friends, build digital […]

More signs of trouble as VCS project continues creep toward long-delayed launch.

41 with 33 posters participating The $250 base system (with 4GB of RAM) doesn’t include either of these two controllers. The “one button” joystick has an extra button on the shoulder. Note the red highlights that call back to the old Atari one-button joystick. The version with black walnut paneling […]