NHL.com’s fantasy hockey top 100 forward rankings are based on past production and expectations for the rest of the 2019-20 season in standard leagues.

NHL.com’s fantasy hockey top 100 forward rankings are based on past production and expectations for the rest of the 2019-20 season in standard leagues. For more fantasy coverage, visit NHL.com/Fantasy and subscribe for free to the NHL Fantasy on Ice podcast.MORE FANTASY COVERAGE: Top 50 D-men | Top 25 goalies | DFS […]

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 and 3 Plus have arrived

Amazon-owned security company Ring has upgraded its lineup of smart security cameras with two new models, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. The new Ring cameras boast many of the same specs as their predecessors including a very similar design but come with a few […]

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is working on plans to delay the April 15 federal tax deadline for some taxpayers in a bid to soften the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the U.S. economy. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Congress on Wednesday that the administration is looking to provide […]

But things are starting to change. And, thanks to new technology like folding and rolling screens, we’re starting to see different shapes emerge. The Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr, for example, fold in half to become an almost-square. With the rise of dual-screen and folding devices, screen sizes could […]

The amazing thing about the Gulag is the adrenaline rush you get when you win and return to the game. While my teammates were pinned down in the firefight that led to my demise, I won a second chance at life and helped win a battle that was never in […]

Michael Bloomberg’s failed bid to become Democratic Party nominee will go down in infamy. Not only because he bankrolled the whole thing with his own vast fortune, but also where he spent it. Bloomberg’s team enlisted figures from Jerry Media, the agency conn…

Social media is typically a poor bellwether for political engagement, and not all voters hang out on Instagram. A TV ad can reach tens of millions of people, but a meme can often reach only a few thousand — or a couple of million if it resonates. Not to mention […]

The Powered 3-in-1 Dock charges your iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch all at once and covers a compact, nightstand-friendly space, with dedicated areas for each device, so they don’t get scuffed. It’s also fast charging, rated at 7.5W and 9W for Apple and Samsung devices, respectively. At $130 it’s priced […]

The kids are alright, except for the ones who are not.

The most challenging aspect of video conferencing, Reich said, was figuring out how to facilitate conversations between students, all of whom now appear as faces in boxes on his computer screen. I usually do the philosophical thing of, Heres 15 minutes of an orientation to a question, a framework, a […]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders are scrambling to finish crafting a bill to address the economic consequences of the novel coronavirus, with a vote possible as soon as Thursday — just before lawmakers recess for 10 days. “We don’t want to panic, but on the other hand, nor […]